Sipass® for

Enable access control in any establishment with a smartphone or tablet and send invitations to clients or visitors that your staff can validate


Security at your fingertips

Sipass® works for any type of business big or small. Discover how we can help you optimize your workspace:


Expand security

Sipass® adds an essential extra layer of security for your business and keeps it protected at any time

Organize private meetings

Send invitations to external visitors confidentially and protect your and guest's privacy

Wow your clients

Clients, customers and patients can book appointments and receive invitations instantly

Save money

No need for access cards nor expensive security systems. You don't even need to hire extra staff

Increase productivity

Sipass® se encarga de la seguridad para que tú y tu personal inviertan su tiempo en hacer crecer tu negocio

Protect your data

Restrict access to areas with sensible data and avoid data breaches inside your business


Friendly and effortless

Using Sipass® in the workplace is easier than you think

Schedule meetings and create access codes

Schedule meetings in the Sipass® app selecting the place and time or simply use the auto access feature to enter private areas

Share the invitation with your coworkers

Share the invitation with the assistants of a meeting or individual guests via text message or any social media

Validate the access codes

Si lo prefieres, puedes designar al personal de seguridad o recepción la validación de los códigos de invitación. Con Sipass® Scan the codes you send can be scanned by security staff with a smartphone

Integrated Surveillance Management

Monitor and ensure the security of offices and other similar areas

Efficiently plan and record surveillance patrols with Sipass®

  • Define control zones within the facility

  • Personnel records assistance in each checkpoint by scanning QR codes

  • Access detailed and up-to-date reports instantly, providing a clear view of surveillance activities and any reported incidents


Cloud Management

Get real-time control with the Sipass® Dashboard. Here is some of the cool stuff you can do:

Staff Management

Register, edit and delete users easily

Role Administration

Create custom roles to assign different area access to different staff members


Monitor the activity in the office with automatic reports. It works as an attendance check too!


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to implement Sipass® in my workplace?

To use Sipass® you need to acquire and install the Sipass® Access Control Box. QR Readers are also available but completely optional

Is Sipass® safe?

Absolutely! With Sipass® you're able to monitor easily everytime someone enters or exits any area of your building. You have control over who can access and when

What do my collaborators need to use Sipass®?

One of the benefits of using Sipass® is that there's no need for special cards or IDs. The only thing they need is to install the free app on their smartphone

Need more information?

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