Sipass® for
Parking Lots

Sipass® Parking is a powerful tool that allows clients to automaticly access parking lots. The operation can be done from any smartphone for easy and efficient management

Surpass the competition

Sipass® Parking is the solution you were looking for to get your business to the next level


Increase your profitability

Sipass® Parking is a lower investment compared to the traditional parking systems and machines

Improve the experience of your clients

Provide your clients a cutting edge service and position yourself as a new age business

Be friendlier with the enviroment

Remove the need for printed tickets and reduce your business ecological footprint while also cutting costs


Everyone included

Sipass® Parking allows you to designate different roles increasing the productivity and efficiency of your parking lot


Operators are the people working at your parking lot and with Sipass® they can:

  • Register tickets manually

  • Open entrance and exit terminals

  • Scan tickets and get the total amount to charge

  • Apply discounts to clients

  • Mark tickets as paid

Partners & Affiliates

From the Sipass® Dashboard you can designate partners from external businesses who use your parking lot (like restaurants, stores, medical offices, etc).
This partners can scan customer tickets and apply discounts using the app. This way customers enjoy a better experience and the parking lot workflow is optimized


You only need a smartphone

All the things needed to run your parking lot are inside Sipass®

Entrance registry

Clients register their entrance and receive a virtual ticket just by scanning a QR code. The operator can also register entrances and generate tickets in the app

Register payments

The operator scans the virtual ticket and Sipass® will calculate the amount to pay, once the ticket is marked as paid the client can exit easily

Automatic exit

The exit terminal will open for clients once they pay their ticket. The operator can also open terminals from the app if necessary

Accounting control

Sipass® is smart and will keep a registry of all the shift's tickets as well as the total amount of money accumulated. Once the shift is over the report is closed and sent to the cloud and accesible from the Sipass® Dashboard


Real-Time Management

Every configuration applied is done in the cloud allowing for changed to be applied in real-time wherever you are

Manage your team

Add and delete your own staff members or staff from external establishments

Administrate roles

Assign and edit different roles for your employees and your partner businesses easily


Keep track of all tickets generated and the money collected

Set working hours

Set your parking lot working hours and limit operations when closed

Update fares

Charge by the hour or apply a fixed fee and update them any time you need

Limit areas and staff

For big parking lots you can delimit different areas and assign different staff to specific terminals


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions

What do I need to implement Sipass® in my parking lot?® en mi estacionamiento?

To use Sipass® you need to acquire and install the Sipass® Access Control Box and operators need a smart device with internet access

Is Sipass® safe?

Of course!, Every access generated in our app is validated and registered
from our private servers. Our priority is to take care of you so you don't have
anything to worry about

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