Generate and share discount or promo codes with your customers and the general public. Increase your sales and your brand's reputation


The easiest way to grow your business

Coupons is a tool that allows you to increase brand loyalty and promote your business in a simple yet efficient way

Generate coupons whenever, wherever

From the Sipass® admin panel you will be able to create coupons and promos for your customers. Once you generate a coupon you can share it directly with clients or publicly on social media

Share coupons with your favorite clients or make them public

The coupons you create can be targeted to specific clients or for general public. Don't worry! We will make sure to validate the information and make sure your coupons are used only by whoever you decide

Attract new clients and make your brand known

Sipass® not only helps you connect with your current clients but is also an excelent tool to promote your business and attract new potential clients sharing coupons on social media

Validate coupons and increase sales

Una vez que tus clientes reciban y se presenten en tu establecimiento con tus cupones, podrás validarlos rápidamente por medio de la aplicacion de Sipass® Scan ¡No solo eso! Además de validar nos encargaremos de generar estadísticas como el número de canjes, monto de venta o visualizaciones de tus cupones para ayudarte a identificar las promociones y estrategias mas eficaces

All you need to grow your business!

Simple but effective. What are you waiting for? Start taking advantage of all the benefits Sipass® Coupons has for you, your clients and your business

Adjustable to your needs

No one knows your customers more than you do. That's why Sipass® Coupons allows you to completely customize your coupons and guarantee the reach of your goals


Limit your coupons to a general or individual max number of uses

Public or private

The coupons you create can be either public which means anyone who comes across it can use it or private. Private coupons may only be cashed by clients you select when you are creating your coupon


From the admin panel you can add branches of your businss and customize your coupons if you wish them to only work on specific locations


Choose the expiration date of your coupons, in a day, a week or maybe for a whole year. Up to you!


All you need to offer best in class service

Get a yearly Sipass® Coupons subscription and get access to all of our platform's benefits

Annual fee
$4999 MXN

  • Unlimited coupons

    Create, edit and delete coupons as you wish. No limit

  • Branch administration

    Set up multiple branches and create coupons valid only in specific locations

  • Contact book

    Import existing contacts from a smartphone* or add new ones manually and create custom groups so you can share promotions with your more loyal customers

  • Customize coupons

    Add your business' logo inside the QR coupons to offer a more personalized experience

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