Our private security service offers 24/7 protection and assistance in case of an emergency. Your virtual bodyguard!


How does it work?

Our emergency alerts system is designed to be highly intuitive and easy to execute in order for you to receive the help you need as fast as possible


Feeling in danger?

Open the Sipass® SOS app and press the help button to send out an alert

Alert activated!

Our team will receive your GPS location and notify corresponding authorities

False alarm?

Don't worry! Cancel an alert entering your 4 digit security PIN


We protect you in any situation

The Sipass® SOS system provides important benefits for the safety and well being of our users

Medical profile

In case of an emergency the Sipass® team will share relevant information like your age, blood type or other medical conditions with first responders

Emergency contacts

We know there's someone important to you. Your emergency contacts will be notified when you send out an alert

Highly trained team

Sipass® agents check for alerts 24 hours a day and are totally prepared to assist you in case of an emergency

Tailored protocols

At Sipass® we have a long history providing security services. Contact us if you wish to negotiate specific protocols for your alerts


Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any more specific details please contact us

What do I need to use Sipass® SOS?

All needed to make use of the service is the SOS app and internet connection at the time you send the alert. To receive more information about registration please get in touch with us

Am I really protected using Sipass® SOS?

Absolutely! Our mission is to provide our users protection and we have more than 10 years of experience. For more information about our security offer or request tailored services please contact us

Need more information?

Contacts us and we'll get in touch