Sipass® is a smart security solution that allows residents and guests to access gated communities and other private spaces through an app on your smartphone


Stop treating them like stangers!

Discover the benefits of using Sipass®


Goodbye to waiting

Con Sipass® tú y tus invitados ya no pasarán mas tiempo esperando a guardias ni llamadas de interfón

Forget about IDs

Ya no más tarjetas de acceso perdidas, son Sipass® lo único que necesitas es tu smartphone

Protect you family and home

Sipass® allows you to have control over whom gets to access and when


Sipass® is very simple

No headaches! We work hard to make Sipass® as easy and intuitive as possible

No keys! just your finger

Easy, reliable and with no contact!. Getting in and out of home is as simple as launching Sipass® and "Open".

Create Invitations

No more headaches for your guests!
1. Choose the time and place
2. Pick wheter the invitation will be reusable or not
3. Select your guests
4. Share la invitación
It's that easy!

Stay updated

Sipass® will keep record and notify you everytime your guests use the invitations you sent them


Descubre las novedades de Sipass®

¡Eleva tu experiencia residencial! Descubre un mundo de posibilidades para una vida comunitaria más conectada y conveniente.

Two people sending text messages

Stay connected

Let information flow. Send announcements and news directly to your residents through Sipass®, your personalized window to community life!
Person filling out an online poll

Decide as a Community

Make every voice count. Conduct real-time votes and surveys, allowing your residents to participate in decision-making. Together, we build a better home!

Reserve and celebrate

Planning a special gathering? Check the availability of the common areas and easily reserve from your app! Celebrate unique moments with your loved ones.
Computer with a finance dashboard

Master your finances

¡Haz que las finanzas sean un juego de niños! Administra los aspectos económicos del residencial directamente desde Sipass®Make finances a breeze! Manage the economic aspects of the residential area directly from Sipass. Make payments and handle reservations without complications.

Instant access to documents

Regulations? Policies? All at the click of a button! Upload documents in PDF format so your residents always have key information on hand in Sipass.

Vacations and no complications

Sipass® is optimal for vacation rentals and Airbnbs

Implement Sipass® in your rental and improve the experience of your guests

  • Enable and disable access to your rental place at any time

  • Stay updated everytime someone gets in or out of the rental

  • New guest? New access code!


Real-Time Management

Sipass® allows you to configure and apply changes immediately thanks to our cloud-based platform

Residence configuration

Add residences and configure different access points

Resident Management

Link residents and limit permissions for debtors


Monitor all user activity with auto-generated reports, generate graphs and export the information to Excel

Manage Subscriptions

Manage residents subscriptions and create subscription bundles to distribute between users


Unbeatable price

Sipass® has the most value for your money


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions

What do I need to install Sipass® in my gated community?

Sipass® only requieres the installation of the Access Control Box

Is Sipass® safe?

¡Por supuesto! Todos los accesos generados en la aplicación son validados y registrados desde nuestros servidores. Nuestro trabajo es cuidar tu seguridad
para que tú no tengas que preocuparte

Ya descargué Sipass® ¿qué sigue?

Sign up and share your account info with the residential administrator
so they can add and link your address and account

Need more information?

Contacts us and we'll get in touch